New Patients

Information for New Patients


Thank you!  If you are considering bringing your four legged family members to NAHCC for their health care needs, please let us first say “thank you.”  We are a family owned and operated business and appreciate each and every client.  We designed our clinic to be a “fear free” environment with a living room  style reception area, exam rooms with leather seating, rugs on the floor for them to lie on, and aroma therapy stations throughout the clinic to mask the scent of other animals as well as cleaning solutions used by clinics.  You will find that we are one of the most affordable clinics in the area.  One of the ways we save our clients money is by having our own pharmacy and keeping our mark-up as low as possible.  We want our patients to receive the best possible care and experience, but also do everything we can to make sure that every pet can receive this care by making it affordable.  Our goal is to be the clinic we would want to bring our four legged family members to.


Getting Started:  We recommend that you visit any clinic that you are considering just to get a feel for the way they practice medicine, as well as how they receive their patients and clients, that way you can tell if that clinic will be a good fit for you and your four legged family member/s.  If this is not possible, then calling would be the next step.  We will take your general information, get you added in to our system, and then schedule an appointment.  We can usually get patients in the same day or the next.  Don’t be afraid to call on Saturday or Sunday because we are open from 10am to 6pm every weekend.  Although we can do record requests for you, we advise our clients do so simply because some clinics will require client authorization anyway and this will ultimately save time.  Just let your current veterinarian know that you would like the records faxed to NAHCC. (717-938-1025)  If you have records that you can bring in that’s fine, but the veterinarian records will have much more detail and specifics so our doctors can be well informed before they even sit down with their new patient.